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Meal to Remember

A friend gave me venison that I cubed, floured, browned in bacon fat and pressure cooked for 20 minutes. You can use beef and follow the recipe for stroganoff found in Simply Sarah, A Circus Girl's Cookbook. Gluten free brown rice flour worked well for the noodles. My side dish was creamed spinach. Dessert was pearl tapioca pudding. The men on horses photo is a WWI photo showing my dad on horseback on a long march across the state of Texas. That's him with a woman in front of the Camp Cochise Officers Club.


1 lb lean round steak

¼ c. flour

¾ c. onions, chopped

1 c. beef stock

1 c. beef bouillon


½ tsp thyme

2 c. frozen peas

4-oz. button mushrooms with liquid

½ c. sour cream

Garlic powder to taste

2 T. canola oil

Remove bone and fat from steak. Cut meat into thin, narrow strips. Dredge in flour mixed with spices. In bottom of Dutch oven, brown meat on all sides in hot oil. Add onions, stock, and liquid from mushrooms. Cover and simmer about 45 min. or until meat is tender. Add mushrooms and peas. Cover and cook 5 to 7 min. Remove from heat and stir in sour cream. Serve over brown rice or boiled potatoes. Both Beef Burgundy and Stroganoff have improved flavor the following day and they freeze well. Both gravies have superb tastes. These two dishes were mostly for our family and seldom prepared for guests. I’m not sure why. Sometimes I doubled the recipe; other times I used the pressure cooker to cut cooking time, but it tastes better simmering a long time. Note: Add 1 T. butter to meat dishes for enhanced flavor. The cut of beef called “chuck” is marbled adding flavor and moisture.

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