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Guest cooking...again!

What do these ingredients make? Heart warming Cajun soup. I offered to share this easy authentic recipe while visiting my niece in Port Charlotte, Florida. It was a hit for her family of four.

In a large stock pot add some bacon to meat of your choice (hot Italian sausage shown) and brown. Add chopped onions until soft, then toss in garlic to taste.

Pour in 4 cups broth, 'butterfly' cut white potatoes and simmer until potatoes are 3/4 done.

Add chopped kale and cook briefly until tender. Season and serve steaming hot. Garlic toast completes this one dish meal.

Two nights later, tzimmies (sweet potatoes, carrots and prunes) accompanied Canadian spiced chicken thighs, and sliced Florida avocados. Cajun soup is not yet in my cookbook, but Tzimmies are. I took good memories back to Minnesota and left healthy recipes behind.

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