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Gulf Snapper in North Country

Hello readers. I'm a fisherman, mostly in northern lakes. Over summer I caught and released an 18" walleye. Lucky me! And lucky that Fabian Seafood from Louisiana ships Gulf caught shrimp, bluecrab meat and saltwater seafood to us displaced Southerners.

On a Wednesday I bought a 1.4 pound Red Snapper that was caught earlier that morning and packed on ice. On Thursday I made the Columbia Restaurant's recipe for Snapper Alicante. Both restaurant and its divine meals are in Ybor City, Florida. Some of you may know that Ybor City adjoins Tampa Bay.

No recipe here as per usual and not in my cookbook, but photos to show process. Layers are onion, filet, brown sauce, white wine, olive oil, sea salt, white pepper, almonds, and green pepper. Filet is topped with a bacon-wrapped scallop. Bon appetit!


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