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Northwoods Summer 2019

Hello friends. My site, while nice, seldom has something new. Today is the day to update about a two-week car-trip to Minnesota's Northwoods; Aitkin, Remer, Effie, Tower and Babbitt to be precise. Visits to friends and relatives rewarded my soul along with colorful flowers and starry nights.

Honoring my promise to sell my HHR and use public transportation for one year became reality except for this trip when my son loaned me a car. I remembered

how to drive but not how to fill up with gas! I feel fortunate to have the desire to fulfill such an adventure.

The buck is at a friend's cabin in Hibbing. We play cribbage and that is an actual hand! I pet sat these 7-wk-old pups in Babbitt.

Hopefully you had pleasant experiences too.

Midsommar blooms alongside a county road. 7-wk-old Brittney pups in Babbitt. Cribbage anyone? Uncle Gene's buck at Little Harriett Lake. Nearly Wild roses.

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