Summer Events

July 2018 was a time for travel, presenting, circus and family. First stop was Shelby County Fair in Iowa where my grandchildren presented dogs, chickens, horses and themselves with Cassidy Kate winning the Fair Queen title in her pink princess dress. That makes me the Queen Mum!

Next stop was Baraboo, Wisconsin where I presented on Ringling Showgirls and Dancers in the Al Ringling Mansion ballroom at the Circus Historical Society national convention. All five grands joined me for Baraboo's fabulous Big Top Parade followed by a performance at Circus World Museum. From tigers to elephants to tent- high unicycles, it was a day to remember.

For the end of July, I relocated to Winona, Minnesota and feel at home nestled next to the Mississippi River. Ivy is a bit closer and Winston is across the river in Wisconsin.

What's next? Riverview High School 55th reunion in October in Sarasota. Cheers! Sarah

Women presenters in Baraboo at CHS Convention.

Franzipan cake made for a Swedish friend's 88th birthday. It's a sugar cake with vanilla custard and sliced almonds between layers and topped with whipped cream. Recipe in A Circus Girl's Cookbook. Flowers optional.

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